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Abbott Laboratories - www.abbott.com
AEC Amersham - www.aecam.co.za
Afri-Sky Holdings - www.afriskyholdings.com
AGBL Alliance Global - www.agbl.net
Alere / ABBOTT Rapid - www.abbott.com
Beckman Coulter - www.beckmancoulter.com
Becton Dickinson - www.bd.com/za/
Bio-Rad - www.bio-rad.com
Biocom Diagnostics - www.biocombiotech.co.za
BioMerieux South Africa - www.biomerieux-diagnostics.com/
Bioweb -
Cell Path Services - www.cellpathservices.co.za
Cepheid - www.cepheid.com
Clinical Sciences Diagnostics -
Davies Diagnostics - www.daviesdiagnostics.co.za
Diagnostech - diagnostech.co.za/
Diagnostic & Technical Services -
Erez Trade South Africa - www.erezmedical.co.za/
Euroimmun - www.euroimmun.com
Haemotec - www.haemotec.co.za
Hain Lifescience - www.hain-lifescience.co.za/
Hemocue - https://www.hemocue.co.za/
Human South Africa - www.humandiagnostics.co.za/
Humor Diagnostica - https://humordiagnostica.co.za/
Iepsa - www.iepsa.co.za
Ilex - www.ilex.co.za/
Kat Laboratory and Medical - https://www.katmedical.com/
LabCare -
Nyala Technologies - www.nyalatech.com
Orb Diagnostics -
Patient Focus Africa (PTY)LTD - https://www.patientfocus.co.za/
Perkin Elmer - www.perkinelmer.com
Qiagen - https://www.qiagen.com/za/
Randox - www.randox.com
Replamed -
Roche Diabetes Care South Africa - www.accu-chek.co.za
Roche Diagnostics - www.roche.co.za
Safarmex - www.safarmex.co.za
SALDA - www.salda.org.za
Separation Scientific - www.sepsci.co.za
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics - https://www.healthcare.siemens.co.za
Sysmex South Africa - https://www.sysmex.co.za/
The Scientific Group - https://ascendishealth.com/
Thermo Fisher Scientific - www.thermofisher.com
Thistle QA - www.thistle.co.za
Whitehead Scientific - whitesci.co.za/
Zans African Medical - www.zansmedical.co.za

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